Wouldn’t it be great to only focus on your core business and to serve your customers even better? Typically, organizations operate reactively and waste a lot of time due to lack of information. Change towards proactivity is the key to stressless operations.

smart waste management system


Europress SMART is a system of digital services providing tools for effective fleet management of waste balers and waste compactors. The system consists of advanced IoT components and processes that integrate the SMART devices into an intelligent network.

By connecting, collecting and analyzing data you get insights on your assets. Learning from these insights contributes to business intelligent decisions.

Europress SMART Fleet Management system is available in three distinctive subscription tiers: SMART Intro, SMART Insights and SMART Integrated.


You can contact SMART support here

SMART user: login to SMART server and install SMARTwaste mobile application from Google Play or App Store.


Stay up-to-date and keep track of your assets – SMART Intro gives you real-time access to your fleet. You can easily locate your machine and view its present state. Maximise up-time, utilisation rate and act proactively to increase customer engagement.


Maximise your asset value by harnessing big data. With SMART Insights, you can streamline your operations by utilising reports and analytics for optimised decision making. Simplify fleet management with automated analytic rules. Track trends
to adopt to changes in advance.


Unlimited possibilities with integrated ecosystem. Plug into a cloud-based service to link the asset data with your current tools in place and customize to fit your operations. SMART platform provides various integration endpoints to your internal systems. Custom integrations can be developed as needed.


Waste & Environmental Service Operators:

Real-time visibility to fleet status

Quick reaction to emptying requests and service calls

Utilizing analytics and reports for haulage route optimization

Property & Sustainability Managers:

Material flow & recycling rate control

Targeted user trainings to improve safety & increase efficiency

Cost management & optimization

Users & Waste Management Operatives:

Visibility to machine status with the SMARTwaste mobile application

Quick response & resolution time in possible problem situations

Anticipation to maximize up-time

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