Mixed waste

Incineration waste


Standard containers up to 38 m³

Large infeed opening

Reliable and easy to use

Intelligent SMART technology


20 m³

24 m³

27 m³

30 m³

32 m³

35 m³

36 m³


Europress Duo and DuoMax are robust stationary waste compactors designed for heavy usage. They are ideal solution for large amounts of various dry materials. Loading is easy due to their large infeed openings.

As stationary compactors, the containers of DuoMax and Duo are detached for transportation while the press units stay firmly attached on the ground. The waste compactors can be equipped with shafts for through-wall or multi-floor loading, forming a safe closed structure. The design also supports various loading devices e.g. conveyors.

DuoMax and Duo can be supplied with a range of accessories e.g. bin lifts and lid opening systems. Several standard container capacities ranging up to 38 m² are available together with floating roof option, to achieve extremely high payloads. Waste compactors can be utilized 24/7 especially with a secondary container in reserve.

Intelligent SMART technology on the compactors contributes to more cost-efficient and safe operation. Device settings can be individually adjusted to best meet various waste management requirements. The compactors monitor their usage and adapt to anomalies in order to protect both the operator and the components.

DuoMax & Duo compactors feature Europress SMART connectivity readiness as standard, enabling integration to the Europress SMART Fleet Management system. The system provides insights on asset data and tools for streamlined fleet management.

Additional information

DuoMax | Duo

Infeed aperture (mm)
1 850 x 1 300 mm | 1 500 x 900

Infeed height, ground level (mm)
1 480 / 1 300 | 1 480 / 1 300

Compaction force (t)
35 / 40* | 25

Press cycle time (s)
66 / 35* | 42

Capacity (cardboard) (m³ /h)
78 / 147* | 69

Motor (kW*)
5,5 / 7,5 | 5,5

Power supply
400 V, 50 Hz, 3×C16 A (Duo / DuoMax)
400 V, 50 Hz, 3×C32 A* (DuoMax)

Blue color RAL 5017

Standard filling hopper

Lift hook rear (container)

Front rollers on container (roll-off)

Container not present switch (safety limit)

Waste return block (stop wires & tarpaulin)

Intelligent SMART technology

Europress SMART connectivity readiness

Custom RAL color

Guide rails

Additional controls e.g. emergency stops

Rear rollers on container (roll-off)

Custom filling hopper

2-phase discharge door opening mechanism

Long handle discharge door opening mechanism

Hydraulic discharge door opening system

Bin lift (integrated / stationary)

Lid opening system (hydraulic / electronic)

Code start system

Auto start system

7.5 kW power unit

Low feed set up

Floating roof container 20-36 m²

Reserve container

DuoMax / Duo press unit
Length 2,730 / 2,160 mm
Width 2,300 / 1,900 mm
Height 2,440 / 2,260 mm
Weight 2,640 / 2,020 kg

Container 20 m³
Length 4,510 mm
Width 2,500 mm
Height 2,730 mm
Weight 2,300 kg

Container 24 m³
Length 5,330 mm
Width 2,500 mm
Height 2,730 mm
Weight 2,460 kg

Container 27 m³
Length 5,940 mm
Width 2,500 mm
Height 2,730 mm
Weight 2,680 kg

Container 30 m³
Length 6,550 mm
Width 2,500 mm
Height 2,730 mm
Weight 2,900 kg

Container 32 m³
Length 6,960 mm
Width 2,500 mm
Height 2,730 mm
Weight 3,000 kg

Container 35 m³
Length 6,675 mm
Width 2,500 mm
Height 3,070 mm
Weight 3,230 kg

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