Europress offers a wide range of waste compactors to meet your specific waste needs. SMART technology makes it possible, for example, to receive messages automatically when it is time for emptying, which optimizes availability and saves you money. Each waste compactor can be programmed individually for different locations, such as factories, shops, shopping centers and industrial warehouses.

All Europress waste compactors are extremely durable and designed to withstand intensive use.

Individually tailored solutions

When you buy a compactor from Europress, we take all your needs into consideration. Where should the compactor stand, at the loading bay or with through-the-wall feeding? Do you need any additional equipment, such as tipping devices, a scale system, forklift hatches, a platform or guard rails?

We look at the big picture in order to facilitate waste management for your employees so they can focus on your core business.

Europress waste compactors compress effectively different materials like:

  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Organic waste
  • Plastic
  • PET
  • Wood
  • Municipal waste

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SMART technology

Balex waste balers feature intelligent SMART technology that contributes towards more cost-efficient and safe operations. Device settings can be individually adjusted to best meet various waste management requirements. The waste balers monitor their usage online and adapt to anomalies in order to protect both the operator and the components.

Our full range of waste compactors is listed below. You can also filter the results according to the types of waste and features. Then click on the images to read the specifications for each of our compactor models.

Mobile Compactors

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