Europress fully refurbished machines consist of waste handling equipment that has been maintained, repainted and overhauled. Now you have the opportunity to get waste handling equipment that suits your needs and to update your waste room with a refurbished compactor or baler. All of our equipment is fully customisable and can be fitted with the desired replacement parts, such as a hopper to suit your waste room.

Safety is most important to us, so all our equipment complies with the latest safety standards. If you are interested, please contact our dealers so we can help you find the waste handling equipment that suits your needs.

Refurbished CombiMax

Now you have the opportunity to own a refurbished and repainted CombiMax waste compactor. CombiMax compactors are suitable for cardboard, plastic, mixed waste and energy waste.

Are you interested? Contact your Europress dealers.

Model: CombiMax

Year of production: 2010

Capacity: 20m3

Length max: 699cm

Width max: 250cm

Height max: 270cm

Net weight: 4400cm

Weight max: 10000cm

Repainted containers for sale , ask for more options.

Europress also sells repainted waste containers in various sizes.

Are you interested? Contact your Europress dealers.

The containers are available for the following waste compactors: DuoMax & Duo, DuoMega, EPC & MiniEPC and H&G screw compactor.

Volume: 20m3 – 36m3

Net weight: Depends on the size of the container.

smart waste management system

Europress SMART is a system of digital services providing tools for effective fleet management of waste balers and compactors. The system consists of advanced components and processes that integrate the SMART devices into an intelligent network.

Refurbished compactors and balers can be connected to the Europress SMART – tool.


Older waste compactors are also avaitable for connecting to the Europress SMART Fleet Management system with SMART Retrofit. Europress SMART helps to manage and understand the amount of waste. There are three different categories in the SMART service and each one of them give more information about your waste management activities and help to keep the waste room a functional part of your whole waste management plan. Contact us to learn more.



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