Small footprint

Reliable and easy to use

Intelligent SMART technology


200–300 kg


The Europress Balex-25 is a compact and versatile vertical waste baler with 25 tons of compression force producing very dense 200–300 kg bales. The Balex-25 features a large infeed opening and a fast press cycle time of just 23 seconds, ensuring effortless compaction of various materials.

The cross-cylinder design of the Balex-25 creates a tiny footprint. With a low overall height of just 1950 mm, these waste balers are easy to place even in small spaces.

The dual mode function features two separate programs to optimize the baler for different types of refuse. The Balex-25 can handle a wide range of materials, including cardboard, plastics and textiles. The operating noise level remains low despite the stable and fast compression.

The large infeed opening enables easy loading. The strap box is conveniently located at the front of the baler for quick strap changes and bale tie offs. A pallet guide is a standard feature for easy pallet placement.

Intelligent SMART technology on the balers contributes to more cost-efficient and safe operation. Device settings can be individually adjusted to best meet various waste management requirements. The balers monitor their usage and adapt to anomalies in order to protect both the operator and the components.

Balex balers feature Europress SMART connectivity readiness as standard, enabling integration to the Europress SMART Fleet Management system. The system provides insights on asset data and tools for streamlined fleet management.


Additional information

Compaction force
25 t

Dimensions H x W x D
1,950 x 1,840 x 1,100 mm

1,480 kg

Infeed opening H x W x D
530 x 1,120 x 800 mm

Infeed height
940 mm

Bale dimensions H x W x D
800 x 1,200 x 840 mm

Bale weight (cardboard)
200–300 kg

Power supply
400 V, 50 Hz, 3x C16 A

Press cycle time
32 s

Noise level
59 dBa

4.0 kW

Blue color RAL 5017

Material retention claws

Pallet guide

Integrated strap cutting blade

Automatic bale ejection system

Two-handed bale ejection system

Mode switch (two modes of operation)

Key-operated lock switch

Loading door safety limit switch

Discharge door safety limit switch

Intelligent SMART technology

Europress SMART connectivity readiness

Plastic collection accessories

Code start

Anti-shock pads

Bale ejector anti-shock pads

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