Founded in the 1970s, Europress is the leading manufacturer of waste compactors and balers in northern Europe. After more than 40 years, Europress is still taking over new countries with its modern products and quality service. Over the years, Europress has gathered a group of professionals and experts, and together we have created completely new products, innovative solutions and a comprehensive service palette. We create new and show the way to other operators in our field.


Healthy environment, financial stability and reliability are our strengths. With them, we guarantee the continuity that our customers need to achieve effective waste management and the highest recycling targets. Europress wants to be a responsible pioneer in the development of intelligent recycling technology. This is represented by the Europress SMART -compactor and baler families.


The parent company Europress Group Oy operates in Finland and, in addition to being responsible for the Group’s administration and development and growth strategies, is also responsible for manufacturing the products and for the sales, service, and maintenance operations in Finland.

Its subsidiary Europress AB is responsible for the sales and maintenance in Sweden and Europress AS for the corresponding operations in Norway. Opened for business in 2019, Europress Poland and Europress Benelux are the latest subsidiaries of Europress Group, which offers our services in sales, maintenance and customer service in the their areas.

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The circular economy is a challenging goal. We believe that all corporations should work together towards a clean, sustainable planet. Founded as a family company, Europress is built for the benefit of future generations. Sustainability is in our core and drives our day-to-day operations.


We have been pushing the boundaries since the 1970’s when it comes to innovation. Our smart technologies help our clients towards a more efficient and flexible waste handling. We are constantly developing better solutions for the benefit of our clients.


We always want to provide the best quality we can to set an example with our work. We drive to inspire and motivate both people and corporations to act responsibly and sustainably. Our goal is to manufacture products that are easy, safe and efficient to use to encourage participation in circular economy.


Environmental Policy

The goal of Europress Group’s operations is to promote sustainable development by manufacturing, selling and servicing environmentally-friendly, comprehensive waste management solutions.

With our waste compactors and balers utilising smart technology, we aim to promote sorting and recycling everywhere and to reduce emissions from waste transport and equipment maintenance. Both in planning our clients’ waste management solutions and in our own operations, we always follow the EU waste hierarchy order of prioritisation where possible.

We are constantly developing our production and maintenance operations with the goal of reducing our environmental load and increasing the positive environmental effects of our products. We also strive to establish environmentally-friendly operating models in co-operation with our partners.

To reach these objectives, we invest in our staff’s general environmental competence, excellent professional skills in equipment manufacture and maintenance as well as comprehensive expertise in planning waste management solutions.

Quality Policy

According to our quality philosophy, customer satisfaction is at the heart of our operations. We continuously develop our products and services based on customer experiences and our own innovations. We strive to be a technical pioneer in our own markets.

In quality development, we systematically utilise the LEAN management philosophy and Continuous Improvement methods. We operate responsibly in compliance with all laws and regulations, as well as the highest quality standards of our customers. We standardise our operations to ensure high and consistent quality. We measure success and respond rapidly to changes.

The safety of our employees is of utmost importance to us. We identify hazards in our work environment and minimise risks. We believe safety and quality go hand in hand. Adherence to environmental values guides our everyday choices.

We train our employees to work in such a way that they are fully aware of our company’s operations and goals, as well as their own responsibilities in providing quality customer service. We utilise the development potential and inspiration of our employees. We ensure the continuity of expertise and the utilisation of best practices.

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