CitySolar - Next generation bin compactor




Mixed waste

PET & glass bottles

ALU cans


Self-sufficient solar power unit

Fill-level indicator on the front panel

Low operation noise level

Standard 240 L wheelie bin



Next generation compression ratio

CitySolar is a next-generation solution for the collection of waste materials in an urban environment. CitySolar is ideally applicable for general waste management logistics, as the collected materials are compressed into standard 240 litre wheelie bins with up to 7:1 compression ratio.

The smart waste bin reduces the number of required maintenance services, saves the environment and increases the cost effectiveness of emptying activities, by decreasing the required frequency of haulages. The full bin of compressed waste equivalences 1 200 liters of uncompressed waste.

CitySolar is equipped with a self-sufficient solar-powered compression unit, with alternative wall-socket readiness. The fill level is constantly monitored and is indicated on the front panel with signal lights.

It is also possible to connect CitySolar to the  Finbin®Care cloud service which provides an online platform for maintenance and management. Map based Finbin®Care cloud service shows the location info and status of the collection equipment, provides basic data for statistics and sends automatic notifications by email for the responsible service provider when the bin needs to be emptied.




EPS (Styrofoam)

PSP (Polystyrene Paper)

XPS (Extruded Polystyrene)


Narrow size

Throughput: 200 kg/h



Low consumption and high efficiency

GREENMAX Styrofoam (EPS) compactor APOLO C200 can compact large size and lightweight Styrofoam materials. Adopting cold-compacting technology, waste Styrofoam will be cut into small pieces and then compacted at a ratio of 50:1.

The GREENMAX Styrofoam Compactor is characterized by safety, low consumption, and high efficiency. It takes 50 trucks to take waste Styrofoam to the landfill before they are compacted, but now only a truck can do this.


Waste cooler


Biojätteen viilennys


3.3 kW motor

Made in Finland

Rescue of odor nuisances

In summer, wet and organic waste that is subjected to heat causes smells at the waste handling point. This can be prevented with the cooler device that keeps the waste material cool. We use efficient and high-quality Lumikko 3.3 kW coolers manufactured in Finland.


Fire Prevention


Highly flammable material


2 Claw couplings for fire hoses

Fire prevention made easy

For fire prevention, the side of the compactor’s container can be equipped with 2 claw couplings for fire hoses. This enables extinguishing a fire by spraying water through the side directly onto the burning waste material. Fire safety can be further improved by insulating the compactor’s container with fire wool and steel sheets.

Turntable for the container


Narrow and short places


Reversible base with control panel

The solution of cramped spaces

When a restricted space limits the placement of the waste compactor, a turnable platform solution can be utilized. By turning the platform the compactor can be mounted on the vehicle in a better position. This way the compactor can also be put in places that would not offer sufficient space otherwise.
Please note! The turntable must be located indoors or under a shelter providing sufficient cover.