responsibilityof the CUSTOMERS

We respond rapidly.

Our customer service responds rapidly to contact requests. Our service centre is open 24/7, and our remote support can connect to any customer device in less than 10 minutes.

We develop on a long-time basis.

We collect and review customer feedback actively to develop our products and services according to LEAN philosophy and continuous improvement methods. Customer needs, safety and a positive user experience are always the heart of our development work.

We are a reliable partner.

We are a financially stable partner with whom it is profitable and safe for our customers to engage in long-term cooperation.

responsibilityof the environment

We produce environmental benefits for our customers.

Our carbon footprint is created by smart waste management solutions that help our customers achieve their environmental targets. For example, one international customer reported a 29% annual reduction in CO2 emissions from emptying their waste compactors thanks to our SMART service.

We help keep emissions under control.

We strive to achieve the smallest possible carbon footprint. All the electricity we consume is carbon neutral, and 15% is generated by solar panels on the roof of our factory. Our remote services eliminate CO2 emissions from service vehicles.

We encourage sustainable choices.

All new Europress employees receive environmental training, including guidance in the correct way to sort waste. The parking lot at our factory has charging points for electric vehicles.

responsibilityof the people

User safety is the number one priority.

The waste stations we design provide a safe work environment. All our waste management devices and solutions have the CE mark, indicating conformity with European health, safety, and environmental protection standards, and they all comply with EN 16486 and EN 16500 safety standards.

We focus on occupational safety.

We systematically develop occupational safety by identifying risks and seeking safer working methods. In accordance with the LEAN philosophy, we utilise employee initiatives by means of continuous improvement methods.

We develop occupational wellbeing.

Each year, we introduce measures for developing occupational wellbeing based on an employee survey. We gather new ideas from employees, including from our occupational wellbeing committee.

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