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The waste management solutions we deliver help our customers reduce their own environmental loads

  • A carefully designed and manufactured total waste management solution facilitates sorting and recycling. Our collection equipment helps our customers collect a wide variety of useful materials for further processing.
  • A clean and hygienic waste point is always good for the environment. Thanks to our comprehensive design services, the waste management solutions we deliver help ensure healthy, environmentally friendly and safe working conditions at the waste point.
  • Our powerful devices effectively compact waste. Automatic and predictive fill level monitoring and emptying requests mean that the waste compactor is emptied only when it is full. A bale counter and emptying request function ensure that a suitable and pre-set number of bales is collected automatically for recycling. These features help minimise transportation and the resulting emissions.
  • Our devices are high quality and long lasting. Optimised movements effectively reduce wear and tear. Our predictive maintenance services keep our devices in working order in all seasons. Customers benefit from long replacement intervals.

Our solutions provide real improvements to occupational safety at waste points

  • Special attention is paid to safety in the design, functions and dimensioning of our devices. All our devices comply with the laws and regulations pertaining to machine safety. Customer-specific total solutions always take into account the specific requirements of each site to ensure a safe waste point.
  • Our SMART waste compactors automatically detect malfunctions and guide the user in the correct and safe procedures to follow.
  • Our predictive maintenance services periodically check the operating condition of the device and safety factors. These periodical inspections meet the requirements of the Government Decree on the Safe Use and Inspection of Work Equipment (403/2008). This regulation obliges the employer to keep work equipment safe throughout its useful life.

Our factory has been designed from the ground up with safety and the environment in mind

  • We are the only operator in our field in Finland with ISO 14001 environmental certification (2000) and ISO 9001 quality management certification (2021).
  • All the energy we purchase is carbon neutral.
  • Energy consumption is continuously monitored and improved. Our factory has an efficient heat recovery system, and more than 1000 solar panels were installed on the roof of our factory in August 2021. The energy they produce covers about 15% of the factory’s annual electricity consumption. The electricity produced by the solar panels is sufficient to manufacture approximately 150 waste compactors per year.
  • The consumption of materials is also continuously monitored and improved. We pay particular attention to the consumption of steel, our main raw material. Between 2009, when our factory was commissioned, and 2020, we reduced the amount of scrap steel per manufactured device by 30%.
  • We are working to reduce VOC emissions (volatile organic compounds) generated in our paint plant in relation to the production volume. We use low-emission paints and avoid unnecessary consumption of paints and solvents, for example by using static to reduce paint overspray and by redistilling solvents.
  • Our modern production line minimises occupational hazards. The production process is designed with safety in mind, for example when moving heavy objects, using work equipment, conducting fire and electrical work, and handling chemicals. Occupational safety is further developed through continuous work.
  • Work tasks at our welding workstations are facilitated by ergonomic, adjustable welding assembly racks. The quality of air in the welding shop has been improved by investing in an efficient air cleaning system.

Our maintenance services comply with environmentally friendly and safe working methods

  • Our SMART waste compactors enable a remote connection to our maintenance services, which can detect faults and order any necessary spare parts. Whenever possible, we make adjustments and repairs via a remote connection in order to minimise emissions from service vehicles.
  • We recycle hydraulic oil. Since 2009, each of our mobile service units has been equipped with oil cleaning equipment. When carrying out scheduled maintenance, we clean the oil instead of changing it, so there is almost no waste oil generated from our service operations.

Environmental policy

Europress Group’s operations aim to promote sustainable development by manufacturing, selling and maintaining environmentally friendly total waste management solutions.

By supplying waste compactors and balers that utilise smart technology, we promote sorting and recycling in society and reduce emissions caused by waste transport and equipment maintenance. When planning waste management solutions for our customers and in our own operations, we always implement the prioritisation order of the EU’s waste hierarchy whenever possible.

We carry out continuous development work in our own production and service activities in order to reduce our environmental loads and increase the positive environmental impacts made possible by our products. We also strive to create environmentally friendly operating models together with our partners.

In order to achieve these goals, we invest in our employees’ general environmental expertise, high-level expertise in equipment manufacturing and maintenance, and overall expertise in the design of waste compactors, waste balers and total waste management solutions.

Quality policy

In accordance with our quality philosophy, customer satisfaction is at the heart of our operations. We continuously develop our products and services based on customer experiences and our own innovations. We strive to be a technical forerunner in the market.

In quality development, we systematically use the LEAN management philosophy and continuous improvement methods. We operate responsibly by complying with laws and regulations, as well as the demanding quality requirements of our customers. We standardise our operations to ensure high and consistent quality. We measure success and react quickly to any changes we detect.

The safety of our employees is important to us. We identify hazards in our work environment and minimise the risks. We believe that strong safety and a quality culture support each other. Compliance with environmental values ​​guides our choices in everyday life.

We train our employees to work in such a way that they know our company’s operations and goals and are aware of their responsibilities as part of our high-quality customer deliveries. We utilise the development potential and inspiration of our employees. We ensure the continuity of expertise and the implementation of best practices.

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