Europress has been investing in the development of smart waste management in the form of the Europress SMART system for more than a decade.

Each member of our sales and service teams is trained in the secrets of the SMART system and supported by our team of smart waste management specialists.

One of these specialists is Joni Tolonen, who works with Europress SMART customers to develop practical solutions for digital waste management. All Europress waste management devices manufactured since 2011 have smart readiness, meaning that they can be connected to the SMART service, in Joni Tolonen’s words, “at the touch of a button.” Older devices manufactured by Europress, as well as devices from other manufacturers, can be fitted with the Retrofit accessory, which enables them to connect to smart technology.

Product development at Europress is both directly and indirectly driven by major megatrends such as climate change, technology and responsibility. The goal is to improve competitiveness and the customer experience in a changing environment, as well as to increase the efficiency of recycling. Above all, it is a question of how material flows as a whole can be managed efficiently and smoothly in order to achieve the maximum benefit for the customer, the environment and the operator. “It means that we need to be able to create new solutions that help our partners and customers ensure that recycling is handled efficiently. In practice, this can only be achieved by digitizing the entire chain from the place of creation to processing and disposal,” IT Development Manager Tommi Häkkinen says.

“We strive to respond to customer needs precisely and with a multi-channel approach. We have designed our mobile user interface to provide all the information and functions that the user needs to operate the device. The SMART portal provides visibility to the customer’s entire fleet of equipment and how efficiently it is being operated,” Häkkinen explains.

Smart features are available as part of any solution we deliver – whether it involves a demanding industry with its own automation systems or a single waste container in a small grocery store. The goal is to remain at the forefront of device technology.

Text: Liisa Hyttinen