Waste compactors

Recycling plastic is not only environmentally friendly, but also economically sensible – a full waste compactor container of plastic material or a tight plastic bale can get good compensation. The ease of use and reliability of the waste compactors free up employees’ time for other tasks. Efficient waste management is a key for a working work environment.


Balex balers have a large capacity, but small external dimensions, for an example they can conveniently fit under a storage shelf. By taking the Balex baler to where the waste is generated, the time spent on waste management is reduced. The program selector allows the baler to be set to optimized settings for baling plastic and cardboard. In this way, the same waste baler can be used for both waste fractions. The compact bale is light to move on a pallet for further processing.

Types of plastic waste

There are many types of plastic waste generated in commerce, industry and public administration that are suitable for treatment with waste compactors and -balers. Companies have a responsibility to handle plastic waste.


Examples of plastic waste types:

Clear plastic
Wrapping, stretch and shrink plastic films
Colored plastic
Films and bags
Industrial surplus material
Plastic canisters
PET bottles
Plastic packaging

Plastic sorting and reuse

Plastic waste will be sent to sorting plants where it is sorted by types and most impurities will be picked out if possible. Sorted plastic will then be reused and less virgin material will be used to make the new patch of plastic than if using only virgin material. All plastic cannot be reused and some plastic types need more virgin material than others, but in general reusing plastic material is much more environmentally friendly than just using virgin materials.