#NON-CONFERENCE  Waste management: Business and Technologies 4.0

On September 8-10, 2020, the fourth interregional industry #NON-CONFERENCE “Waste management: Business and Technologies 4.0” was held in Konakovo, Tver Region. The event brought together representatives of leading foreign and Russian companies in the field of waste processing and utilization, Russian entrepreneurs and heads of executive authorities who are specialists in waste management. The event was organized by Moscow region company RG Techno. Over 150 companies from 50 regions of Russia took part in #NON-CONFERENCE.

This year the business part of the program was held in a new, unusual, but extremely useful and effective format. Participants of #NECONFERENCES were united in small groups and consistently visited seven thematic stations, where they discussed actual issues with industry experts, received new experience, recommendations and ideas for their business. Participants chose the topic they wanted to hear themselves by voting. The topic of Europress company report on efficient waste removal from sparsely populated remote areas of the region became one of the most popular and demanded at the #transportation theme station.

After #NON-CONFERENCE all participants and experts moved to the Exhibition of machinery and equipment, which took place on the territory of ECOMASHGROUP in Tver. The large-scale exposition of the most modern machinery in the field of waste management was placed on the open area of the plant ECOMASHGROUP. More than 20 samples of different equipment could be seen in work. Also participants could get professional advice on all questions of purchase and operation.

Europress presented new powerful VERSAMAX compactor, designed especially for hard operations 24/7 in waste sorting and reloading stations. Also there were already well known models of compactors COMBIO for food waste and DUOMAX TURBO for reloading stations. The last day of the event ended with a carting competition for the cup “RG Techno” and “ECOMASHGROUP” and a sailing regatta. Europress team took part in the regatta.