Carpets into bales for recycling

On the video, four men are vigorously lifting old fitted carpets into the baler. The chamber fills up and the men take a breather while the baler compresses the carpets. Now, there is more room in the chamber and the task continues. The baler accommodates many carpets because it is a Balex-30 – the power packer of Europress. The video has been made by waste handling equipment supplier Kenburn Waste Management that has been distributing Finnish Balex waste balers in Great Britain since last autumn. In its market area, Kenburn is one of the top companies with experience of over 30 years.

Wacth video

In the British Isles fitted carpets are common, so dedicated recycling channels have been developed for the material. High-quality balers are sought-after tools because they can turn difficult-to-handle carpets into compact bales. The video’s example bale ended up weighing approximately 330 kg and was easy to move with the help of a pallet handler to wait for pickup.

An adventure park turns its waste bill into revenue

Of course plastic and cardboard, more familiar materials in many countries, are also baled in the UK. The Yorkshire-based adventure park, Stockeld Park, is one of the satisfied cardboard balers and customers of Kenburn. Stockeld Park is a historic estate with its roots going back all the way to the early 14th century. The 800-hectare area has been in the family of the current owner, Peter Grant, since 1875. Peter lives with his family in the estate’s grand mansion, which was completed in 1763, and manages an adventure park and many kinds of other family activities in the estate area. Peter wants to take good care of the adventure park’s environmental affairs. Last year, a survey was made of the resources used in the park’s waste handling, recycling and emissions reduction. As a result of the survey, Stockeld Park decided to invest in the Balex-10 baler to make the handling of cardboard packaging easier.

“As a part of our environmental programme, we are committed to continuous improvement. With the acquisition of the baler, we wanted to ensure that not a single piece of recyclable cardboard ends up in landfill,” says Peter Grant.

“Our shops and kitchen produce large amounts of cardboard, which we previously threw in a skip container. We knew that investing in a baler would be a step forward, but we had no idea of the correct baler size for us.

Luckily Kenburn Waste Management came to the rescue. After a swift on-site survey, Kenburn’s highly-competent salesperson recommended the Balex-10 baler for Stockeld Park. The recommendation alone was convincing, but it was the 24-month warranty instead of the usual 12 months that convinced Peter in the end.

“The new baler has been a major change in the operations of Stockeld Park. We also receive revenue for waste that we used to have to pay for,” he says.

One baler – two materials

Through Kenburn, flooring supplier Horne Brothers also found an ideal solution for sorting packaging materials. The company generates large amounts of both cardboard and plastic waste and, with the help of the two programme options of Balex, their baling can be done with the one and the same baler. Cardboard and plastic material behave very differently, so their successful baling requires different compression settings. It is easy to select the correct programme with the Balex Mode selector switch, when the material type changes. Balex-30 also had perfect dimensions for Horne Brothers: less than 2 m tall, it fits neatly under a storage shelf.

Flooring supplier Horne Brothers acquired the Balex-30 baler, because it can be used for baling both cardboard and plastic with dedicated, optimised programmes. The programme is easy to select with the Mode selector switch.

Kenburn Waste Management Limited

• Dealer of Europress Balex balers in Great Britain

• More than 30 years of experience in the waste handling field

• The customer base comprises small and large companies and public sector organisations

Gail Foxcroft and David Hall are in charge of Kenburn Waste Management.


Diverse maintenance services for waste handling equipment are among Kenburn’s specialities.