Visitors to the REDI shopping centre in Helsinki may recognise similarities to the Italian cities that served as the inspiration for the design, especially in its walking paths of varying widths and curved forms. The head of the shopping centre has aptly described how you can undertake your own adventure in REDI.

Environmental aspects have been clearly thought through at the REDI shopping centre, and they are also one of the guiding themes of its responsibility. This is reflected in its cooperation with Europress, which provides environmentally friendly comprehensive waste management solutions. REDI’s service yard, where Europress waste compactors and balers take care of the shopping centre’s waste management, has collection points for various waste fractions. From the service yard, the materials are sent for recycling and reuse.

Europress selected as a Finnish waste management expert and for providing local service

Environmental aspects have also been taken into account at the REDI shopping centre in energy efficiency. Waste heat from the refrigeration equipment of grocery stores is utilised to heat the street level. In addition, an automated ventilation system measures CO2 concentrations at all times. In addition to comprehensive public transport, the shopping centre favours cyclists and electric cyclists. REDI also currently has the world’s largest charging area for electric vehicles.

REDI opened in September 2018 and has 184 tenants. No less than 1500 keys to the service yard have been distributed, which means that waste management equipment is used daily by a fairly large user base. Bio and energy fractions are collected in Europress SMART waste compactors, while efficient screw compactors handle all the cardboard and a Balex-40 SMART baler bales the clear plastic. The service yard also has a metal can baler that flattens the metal cans into specially made steel containers.

The tipping equipment, customised safety rails and safety nets around the compactors enhance both user-friendliness and safety. The shopping centre’s facilities and waste volumes were taken into account already in the planning phase, even before the selection and delivery of waste management solutions.

One of the criteria for selecting waste management solutions for the REDI shopping centre was being Finnish. Jukka Parkatti, Property Manager at REDI, had previously worked with Europress.

“Europress was selected as a Finnish waste management expert and for providing local service,” Parkatti confirms. “Replacement equipment can be delivered rapidly from Kerava if there was ever a need to do so.”

The scaletipper and safety net increase the user-friendliness and safety of the waste compactor.
The cardboard boxes are thrown from the roller into the waste compactor feed opening.