Fortum Recycling & Waste – successful waste management safely and economically with SMART technology

For Fortum Recycling & Waste, “successful waste management is the basis of customer cooperation”. With safety, economy and the environment at the forefront, Fortum Recycling & Waste helps its own customers achieve successful waste management using the Europress SMART Insights solution.

One of Fortum Recycling & Waste’s customers operates in a restricted area that is subject to strict safety inspections, so safety considerations must be taken into account when transporting waste. A fleet of 16 Europress waste compactors is used at the customer’s site that is connected to a digital service utilising Europress SMART technology.

Saving costs and the environment also helps improve safety

The Europress SMART system integrates waste management equipment digitally, optimising both the filling levels of waste compactors and transportation needs. Less frequent waste transports have not only reduced CO2 emissions but also indirectly improved safety at the site of Fortum Recycling & Waste’s customer. Less traffic in the strictly restricted area has a positive impact on safety.

Since the introduction of SMART, the average emptying weights of the calibrated equipment have increased by almost 40%. Prior to the introduction of SMART, underfilled waste compactors were emptied more frequently, resulting in both unnecessary costs and CO2 emissions.

Additional savings in working time

Service calls, waiting times, faults and piles of waste next to overfilled waste compactors – SMART Insights has provided a solution to all of these quickly and intelligently. The number of on-site service calls has been reduced as service situations have been resolved online. Waiting times for out-of-service equipment have also been reduced. Better management of fault situations and a faster response time to claims has saved in terms created additional savings in working time that can be used for other customer service. The number of claims has also decreased since SMART was introduced.

At the forefront of digitalisation

SMART‘s easy-to-use technology helps monitor the filling of waste compactors efficiently and ensures quality customer service. By utilising the latest technology, SMART provides the customer with even more accurate information and is an excellent competitive advantage in more digitalised waste management.