Smart waste management is more efficient

In this series of articles, we present the experts behind the Europress SMART system and share their thoughts regarding how smart waste management is changing the operating environment of the circular economy.

In the second article in this series, we find out what smart waste management means in practice from the customer’s perspective. Europress has been investing in the development of smart waste management in the form of the Europress SMART system for more than a decade. Each member of our sales and service teams is trained in the secrets of the SMART system and supported by our team of smart waste management specialists. One of these specialists is Joni Tolonen, who works with Europress SMART customers to develop practical solutions for digital waste management. According to Tolonen, the key benefit for customers is that they no longer have to worry about the functionality of waste management.

“Customers can focus instead on their own core business and let SMART take care of the optimal operation of their waste management equipment,” Tolonen explains.

All Europress waste management devices manufactured since 2011 have smart readiness, meaning that they can be connected to the SMART service, in Tolonen’s words, “at the touch of a button.” Older devices manufactured by Europress, as well as devices from other manufacturers, can be fitted with the Retrofit accessory, which enables them to connect to smart technology.

Digitaalisen jätehuollon kehittäjä

The SMART system is most beneficial for customers with several locations and multiple waste management devices at each location.

“The SMART system is most beneficial for customers with several locations and multiple waste management devices at each location, as it enables them to manage everything together,” Tolonen explains.

Europress tailors individual service packages together with each customer. The customer’s sales contact at Europress together with a SMART expert provide the customer with a proposal for which equipment to include in the service and estimates of the investments required, operating costs and the potential savings generated by the service.

Savings are generated in operating costs by many individual smart functions. For example, by optimizing the fill levels of waste compactors and balers, emptying intervals are reduced and equipment is offline less frequently as a result. Transporting full loads also reduces emptying costs.

The SMART system also maintains the condition of devices. For example, automatic functions help prevent problems such as overfilling and blockages. Some maintenance and repairs can even be performed remotely with a single phone call, eliminating the need for the customer to wait for a service technician to arrive on site.

The SMARTwaste mobile app also saves the customer’s waste management personnel from unnecessary on-site visits. The app lets them monitor, for example, the fill levels of their devices, the emptying intervals and possible fault situations. Naturally, our service also includes training for customers in the use of SMART tools.

The SMART system collects operating data from smart waste management devices, which enables Europress experts to optimize customer- and device-specific settings. Customers are informed about any changes, but otherwise the service provides them with care-free waste management since they do not have to worry about every detail.

Savings are generated in operating costs by many individual smart functions.

“The SMART service includes so-called tripartite meetings 2 to 4 times a year between the customer, a Europress expert and the waste operator. Together, they can review the data produced by SMART and the results achieved, make decisions based on the data, and discuss how to further develop the service. All this provides the customer with cost, time and environmental savings, as well as more efficient waste management overall,” Tolonen summarizes.

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