Quality, smart and remote features are valued in Norway. In this country of geographically challenging conditions, there is no point in wasting money on equipment that requires frequent emptying or servicing visits. A recycling machine optimised in terms of emptying and maintained from the office saves many trips around the mountains and fjord crossings in comparison to equipment requiring frequent maintenance visits. Norsk Gjenvinning is a recycling company covering the whole country. Its 1,500 employees collect, sort and process the waste material produced by over 40,000 customer companies in approximately 60 localities.

Our customers want to operate in a sustainable manner and make the right  choices. We want to help them in this.  Morten Frøid, marketing manager, Norsk Gjenvinning Norge AS

Waste management companies in front of waste compactor
Norsk Gjenvinning visiting Europress factory. One of the first machines for NG is ready to be transported. From left: Morten Frøid, NG – Timo Huhtala, Europress – Andreas Lemström, Europress – Egil Lorentzen, NG – Frode Karlsen, NG – Marko Aaltio, Europress.

“Our customers operate in all possible fields ranging from the oil and gas business to the grocery trade,” says Morten Frøid, who is in charge of NG’s customer relationships, product development, pricing and marketing.

He is a veteran of the recycling business from the 1980s and has been working for NG 17 years. Before that, he gained valuable experience in his family business operating in the same field, so Morten has had ample time to form a solid opinion on the equipment. The agreement was concluded with Europress above all for three reasons: equipment quality, SMART technology and competitive pricing. These tipped the scales towards Kerava where the world’s top products are manufactured.

“Through the agreement, we have made changes in the operations of the whole company and shaped our sales process around the new products. We believe that they will help us increase our sales. The largest end-user groups for compactors and balers in Norway are largely the same as in any other country: grocery stores, hotels and shopping centres. With NG taking care of the equipment, the customer can allocate more time to its own core business. As for NG, it can focus on strengthening its position as the most environmentally-friendly waste handling company in Norway.

“Our customers want to operate in a sustainable manner and make the right choices. We want to help them in this,” says Morten. Next, NG plans to continue the already started automation of the logistics and production process, which is also supported by the smart technology and remote functions of the waste compactors and waste balers. However, good cooperation is not only a matter of products:

“We chose Europress as our partner because it was by far the most innovative and competent option. The people at Europress are fully focused on the customer and providing it with service,” says Morten.

SMART fuctions for waste management

Executive Vice President Timo Huhtala introduced Europress SMART system to visitors from NG. Adjustments and repairings can be  done in real-time via internet.