SMARTwaste app provides support anytime, anywhere

Finnish Packaging Recycling RINKI Ltd

Rinki eco take-back points form a network of recycling locations for packaging waste within Finland. Almost 1900 of these eco take-back points are strategically located in the busiest residential and commercial areas throughout Finland, and they collect carton, plastic, metal and glass packaging. Europress waste compactors are used at the busiest eco take-back points for recycling carton and plastic packaging. Finns have welcomed the Rinki eco take-back points, and most Finnish households sort their waste diligently. The eco take-back points are managed by Finnish Packaging Recycling RINKI Ltd, a non-profit service company founded in 1997 and owned by Finnish industry and retail trade.

Together, RINKI and Europress have been at the forefront of waste management for almost seven years. The ever-increasing amount of waste is putting a strain on the environment, but thanks to RINKI’s convenient and easily accessible network of eco take-back points combined with the digital services provided by Europress, more and more of this waste can be collected for recycling. RINKI has utilized Europress SMART technology in its waste management devices since the network of Rinki eco take-back points was introduced in 2016.

When was the last time the waste management device in Rytinki was serviced? 

Taneli Lumiaro, Contract Agent at RINKI, is responsible for almost 500 waste management devices throughout Finland. To manage such a large network, she relies on digital tools that can monitor the waste management situation in real time anytime, anywhere, whether up north in Kuusamo or down south in Helsinki.

Lumiaro has switched from e-mails to using the handy SMARTwaste app, which travels with her everywhere and provides useful information, such as the history of each waste management device, any maintenance that has been ordered, and fill levels. SMARTwaste also makes it possible to notify about faults and see if a device’s emergency stop button has been activated. Lumiaro has all of this key information in her pocket, and it is always up to date. If she needs to find out about the maintenance of a waste management device in the remote village of Rytinki in Pudasjärvi, for example, she can access this information at the touch of a button on her smartphone!

Taneli Lumiaro says that the easy-to-use SMARTWaste app has improved the management of waste management.

Saving time is a big plus! 

Taneli Lumiaro confirms that the SMARTwaste app has made her work much easier in many ways. She always has immediate access to accurate information, which saves time and facilitates waste management. The SMARTwaste app is also easy to use and works seamlessly – even for those who do not use it quite as frequently as Lumiaro does. Comprehensive information also increases confidence in the reliability of devices, and if faults do occur, Europress can even sort them out remotely in many cases.

As a dedicated user, Taneli Lumiaro now swears by the SMARTwaste app, though the same monitoring and data is also available via the SMART portal. What is most important is that waste management can now be done smartly, digitally and with minimal impact on the environment.