We at Europress believe, that digitalization can bring opportunities and benefits to the entire
waste management- and circular economy sector. The efficiencies of compactors, collection routes and service intervals
can be optimized by bundling them together- digital tools create a waste management entity that can managed and optimized.
In this way a win-win situation is created in which both the customer and the service provider generate savings.
At the same time, the environmental impact of waste management is minimized.

“The results of the waste management optimization pilot has been excellent”

Europress is strongly involved in the digitalization of waste management. The SMART service product packages -launched last year-
enable device management, occupancy monitoring and remote monitoring. In addition, a SMARTwaste-application has been launched to facilitate
waste management monitoring.There are three different levels of service product packages, at which we have taken into account the varying
needs of different customers.

The results of the first commercial projects have been excellent.
In the pilot project we were able to quickly achieve, on average, 80 percent higher fill weights, and even more for individual devices.
This is a direct saving for the customer and the environment.
The exceptional situation due to covid-virus has affected us all. We live in challenging times, but they always bring new opportunities.
At Europress, we have been developing remote waste management services for years and now they are more necessary than ever.
Take advantage of the new SMART services too!

Andreas Lemström
Vice President