Finnish company Ponsse scarcely needs any introduction, producing in its own words “The best forest machines in the world since 1970”. The company is still based in Vieremä, in the same location in which it was founded.

Ponsse was founded by Einari Vidgrén, who created a company culture characterised by listening to the customer and market and serving as a reliable partner. Ponsse is constantly developing its products and services to meet the demands set by the industry for forest machines. The company’s customer orientation drives both its engineering and production. Ponsse’s agile forest machines are designed to operate in different types of forests and terrains – without impacting the nature. The production of these machines has also been thought through in precise detail.

Enormous quantities of cardboard

At the Ponsse factory in Vieremä, Europress equipment ensures efficient waste management throughout the production facilities and logistics centre, where enormous quantities of cardboard in particular are produced.

“As long as all the cardboard is recycled, it does not pose a problem,” says Tuomas Yli-Marttila, Procurement and Logistics Manager at Ponsse. Inside the factory, automation and all its possibilities can be seen everywhere. The facilities have been utilised efficiently, and everything has its place. Europress has designed feed shaft solutions for Ponsse with tipping devices so that the materials can be fed exactly where they are generated. In addition, safety net solutions have been implemented around the tipping devices and feed shafts.

Yli-Marttila has been impressed by how easy the equipment is to use: “The tipping system really is easy, straightforward and safe to use.”

Jätehuollon asiantuntijat
Marko Ilvonen from Europress and Tuomas Yli-Marttila from Ponsse worked together to create a comprehensive waste management solution suitable for Ponsse.
Suunnittelupalvelu, 3d, 2d kuvat Europress jätehuoltoratkaisut
Europress and Ponsse designed together the optimal waste management solutions for the Ponsse factory in Vieremä.
Plastics are efficiently collected at the source of origin to a SMART Balex Baler.
The tipping system makes it easy to feed waste into the compactors. SMART functions ensure the safe use of the equipment.