REDI is a new shopping and entertainment center located close to the center of Helsinki. One of REDI's key features is environmental protection, which is why waste management has been entrusted to Europress, which offers energy-saving, safe and user-friendly solutions.


Waste management in a modern shopping center must be energy-efficient and user-friendly. REDI has limited space for waste treatment. Waste management solutions should be reliable even in the case of large volume and material diversity.


Already at the stage of designing solutions for REDI, before the devices were selected and delivered, the area of the shopping center and the volume of produced waste were taken into account.


Europress Balex 40 SMART waste baler (1 pcs.)
Europress DuoMax SMART waste compactor (1 pcs.)
Europress Combio SMART waste compactor (2 pcs.)
Europress H&G Screw compactor (1 pcs.)
Europress Balex-C waste baler for cans + custom bins (1 pcs.)
Bin tipping devices (4 pcs.)
Security fence


The tailored, comprehensive SMART ecosystem has met the demands of the client. The Europress SMART technology increased the cost-efficiency of the waste handling by 15 % compared to other non-SMART solutions in the market. The REDI shopping centre is satisfied with their investment to Europress products and services.