Europress delivered over 400 waste compactors to public recycling points in Finland called Rinki Ekopiste. The contract was made in September 2015 and first compactors were delivered in January 2016. All the ordered waste compactors were manufactured until the end of March 2016 according to the deal.

The waste compactors are used for two types of material: some for cardboard and others for plastic. The customers who actually bought the compactors are cardboard and plastic recycling companies. Vesa Soini, Managing Director of Suomen Uusiomuovi Oy says:

“We chose Europress as our supplier from among several competitors because the solution it offers combines high quality and smart technology, which can be updated to keep the equipment current for a long time. It is also important that the service and co-operation will continue even after the equipment is delivered.”

Waste compactors at public recycling point
Waste compactors at public recycling point, Järvenpää, Finland.

Quality has fulfilled the expectations. The compactors delivered in the beginning of 2016 has been in use for one and half year and they have worked well – despite the hard use and circumstances in public recycling points. The compactors are reliable and easy enough to use. Also capacity of the delivered compactor model
has been a positive surprise: even 10 % more than was promised. Some small problems appeared during the first year, but Europress design and service departments fixed them quickly. Soini has been satisfied with professional service and cooperation with Europress.

The benefits of smart technology are the most remarkable reason for Soini to be happy with large amount of Europress compactors in the field. The remote maintenance service operations are almost invisible for the customer, which facilitates his job. Optimization of the emptying drives makes a big difference to the compactors without an advanced smart technology.

“It has been proven that compactors with automatic full control and smart server with tracking option are clearly more economic than any other waste collection solution at the busy recycling points.”