HOK-Elanto & Europress SMART – significant cost savings in just a short time

HOK-Elanto, the largest regional cooperative store of the S-Group in Finland, is actively exploring new circular economy operating models.

In summer 2020, Europress waste compactors equipped with SMART technology were introduced at HOK-Elanto locations. In just a few months, many of the locations had achieved significant cost savings. Waste transports alone were reduced by 25%, which is also good for the environment.

Comparing data is simple

Savings in working time, environmental savings and increasing the utilisation of waste compactors have all been a big advantage compared to before. Working time is reduced for employees, since emptying requests are automated and the waste compactor is emptied only when it is full.

Monitoring the equipment fleet and filling levels is easy, and the most critical equipment can be accessed immediately via the SMART service. Monitoring data for each piece of equipment is simple, as is comparing data between the entire fleet. Controlling functionalities and responding to situations really is easy with SMART data!

Automated emptying takes into consideration seasonal variations

Regular contact with the Europress team ensures that the equipment does not need to be inspected manually thanks to SMART tools. The automated emptying function is able to respond to peaks, for example during seasons when higher amounts of waste are generated. In short, the SMART service is sensible and effective.

Benefits of the SMART remote service:

  • Eliminates redundant emptying of waste compactors
  • Predicts filling levels by means of artificial intelligence
  • Cuts CO2 emissions by reducing transports
  • Generates cost savings
  • Helps save the environment
  • Takes into consideration seasonal variations
  • Reduces working time for employees