Haurun Jäteauto and Europress SMART – leaders in their fields

Haurun Jäteauto is an innovative company in the circular economy that offers comprehensive waste management and skip services in Oulu. The company’s core values are responsibility and a pioneering approach. For example, Hauru has led the way by operating a fleet of low-emission waste trucks that run on biogas already since 2018.

Lower CO2 emissions and costs

When the IdeaPark Oulu shopping centre invested in new Europress waste compactors in 2019, they were equipped with the latest Europress SMART technology in order to enable the waste management operator to monitor filling levels and emptying needs. Whenever the waste compactor at Ideapark Oulu is full and ready for emptying, Hauru is notified automatically. Before this innovative SMART system was introduced, the waste compactor was often emptied before it was completely full, resulting in additional visits by the waste management company and unnecessary disruptions to the tenants at the shopping centre.

Benefits of the SMART remote service:

  • Eliminates redundant emptying of waste compactors
  • Predicts filling levels by means of artificial intelligence
  • Cuts CO2 emissions by reducing transports
  • Generates cost savings
  • Helps save the environment

Rapid response

Compared to before, the number of emptying visits has been reduced significantly. The elimination of these redundant transports in turn has enabled Hauru to serve more customers, since its fleet operations have been fully optimised. The digital SMART tools also provide automatic fault notifications that can then be reacted to without delay.