Modest. Reliable. Quiet. High-tech. “Sisu”.

When characterizing Finns and Finland, these descriptions are familiar. For us too. We don’t make a big song and dance about ourselves. We keep our promises. The peace and quiet of our forests live in the heart of every Finn. We can deal with ice, slush and snow – we can get through even the worst snowstorm, simply because “it has to be done”. That’s what “sisu” is all about – quiet determination.

Europress is an international technology company that is proud to be Finnish, and together with our international subsidiaries, dealers, customers and committed employees, we have reached middle age in fine form.

In this issue, you can take a peek at each of our four international subsidiaries and catch a glimpse of our country managers during their free time. We are very proud of the multifaceted and highly skilled individuals behind our waste compactors and balers.

As the leading manufacturer of waste management equipment in Northern Europe, we will continue our journey as a responsible forerunner in the development of smart recycling technology. According to the article by Maria Hughes, a specialist at the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, investment funds focusing on the private circular economy have increased tenfold over the past five years. You can read about the outlook for the circular economy starting on page 18.

Recycling really works! Rinki eco take-back points have established themselves at retail centres across Finland since 2016. The thoughts and advice of Juha-Heikki Tanskanen, CEO of Finnish Packaging Recycling RINKI Ltd, are invaluable for constructing similar recycling networks in other markets.

While the waters have been rougher in recent years than many of us would have liked, it is worth remembering that the only constant in life is change. Strategies evolve and circumstances shift. We need to ride the changes, simply because “it has to be done”. Just keep your eyes on the lights that guide us – especially during the rough times.

Pia Husu-Vierimaa