Europress is celebrating an anniversary year in 2022, as our company is turning 45. From my own perspective, the years have gone by quickly, as I have been able to witness the rapid growth and development of our company from a front row seat.

Having achieved the position of market leader in Finland, we began our international expansion by establishing subsidiaries in the other Nordic countries and Russia. The great customer feedback that we received provided a strong foundation for further expanding into Central Europe, and our most recent subsidiaries have been established in Poland and Belgium. Our success factors from the very beginning have been high quality combined with innovative products and services, as exemplified by Europress SMART. Along with many other benefits, this comprehensive system of digital services makes it possible to reduce CO2 emissions by minimizing transportation needs.

I would like to thank above all our customers everywhere for contributing to our success, and of course our fine and committed employees!

Matti Turunen