Euroshop 2020

At the end of February in Düsseldorf, Germany the largest European retail trade, EuroShop 2020- fair was held. Europress attended the fair for the first time, where we shared our stand with our partner H&G. The overall atmosphere was bustling and Europress attracted visitors. There were many at our booth looking at our compactors and the slightly more special Balex baler that was brought on site. The upper part of the front door of the baler had been replaced by a transparent plexiglass, through which a LED-lit cross cylinders could be seen through.

Tommi Rautiainen was our representative at the fair and described the fair as a success: “Although we attended the fair for the first time, there was a positive image of the fair and there are plans to come again in the future.”

We got many potential contacts at the fair including distributors and resale hardware dealers. Unfortunately, the fair also showed fear of the Covid-19 virus and the number of visitors was 20% lower than in previous years. In particular much less people from Asia. Fortunately, however, there were plenty of interest to us and we got many potential customers.

Europress at Euroshop 2020