A new version of the Europress SMARTwaste mobile app was launched on 28 August 2020 with new features and improved functions.

  • Receive push notifications for filling levels
    • You can now receive a push notification on your mobile device whenever the filling level of a compactor is full or close to full.
  • Receive filling level predictions
    • You can also receive filling level predictions on your mobile device. Over time, the SMARTsystem app learns how to predict with increasing accuracy the emptying rhythm and filling time of your waste management equipment.
  • Add photos of your equipment
    • You can now add images of your waste management equipment on the mobile app to help you identify individual units, for example in a room with several waste management units.
  • Update location manually
    • You can now pinpoint the exact location of individual waste compactors manually on the map instead of relying on their location information.
  • Store weight information from scale tippers
    • When using a scale tipper, the system accurately weighs the amount of waste each time it is used and stores the data in the app.
  • Access six new language options: Swedish, Norwegian, Russian, Polish, French and Dutch
    • The SMARTwaste mobile app was previously available only in Finnish and English, but now you can access six new language options.
  • Benefit from usability improvements
    • Improvements have also been made to the SMARTwaste mobile app to make it even easier to use, such as filtering and search enhancement options.
  • Order exftra pickups manually
    • You can now order extra pickups manually in the SMARTwaste mobile app if you anticipate extra amounts of waste, for example over the weekend.

Download the new version today! (App Store & Google Play)

smart waste management system


Europress SMART is a system of digital services providing tools for the effective fleet management of waste balers and compactors. The system comprises advanced components and processes that integrate SMART equipment into an intelligent network.

By connecting, collecting and analyzing data, the system offers you insights into your assets and facilitates intelligent business decisions.

The Europress SMART Fleet Management system is available in three distinctive subscription tiers: SMART Intro, SMART Insights and SMART Integrated.




SMART user: Log in to the SMART server and download the SMARTwaste mobile app from Google Play or the App Store.

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